KineMaster Pro – Video Editor, Video Maker

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Feature updates:
1. New color adjustment tools: vibrance, temperature, highlights, shadows, gain, gamma, lift, and hue
2. Includes intensity slider for color filters
3. Introducing Share menu support for Facebook and Instagram Stories and Feeds
4. Slow videos down to 1/8 speed
5. fully unlocked
UX/UI changes:
1. Moved the Export and Share button to the right top

The best video editing tool KineMaster pro

This is a fully-featured and professional video editing app for iOS and Android devices. It supports multiple layers of video, audio, images, texts, and effects. .

With KineMaster pro, editors have supreme control over their videos especially when it comes to trimming them. The application lets them trim by frame, allowing them to be ultra-precise in their transitions and effects.

Additionally, Kine videos can be instantly shared to social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Google+, and more. This makes it easy, particularly for professionals, to publish their videos and reach their audiences.

Warning this App is not relate any kind of piracy or copyright it is just modify app by us



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